therapist and patient


Our multidisciplinary staff are trauma-informed, and recovery oriented with training in Evidenced Based Practices, such as, Motivational Interviewing, Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment, Harm Reduction, Supported Employment, Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Wellness Management and Recovery. We are focused on providing culturally responsive, inclusive, and person-centered services. 

Our IRTS teams have licensed mental health professionals, psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners, nurses, mental health rehabilitation workers, independent living skill workers, and certified peer support specialists. IRTS teams provide time-limited mental health services in a welcoming and home-like residential setting.

Our ACT and FACT teams are comprised of psychiatric providers, therapists, licensed mental health professionals, nurses, certified peer support specialists, and practitioners or case managers with a range of specialties in supported employment, chemical health, housing and psychiatric rehabilitation, providing intensive, wrap-around treatment and supports. In addition, the FACT team has a Case Manager with criminal justice/forensic experience.


We offer confidential therapy in a relaxed and welcoming environment to assist individuals in coping with a variety of challenges and concerns. Our service providers are licensed and experienced, with many different areas of expertise to meet each person’s specific needs.

Our MHSB staff are Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHP), clinicians in the human services field who are trained and possess experience in providing psychiatric or mental health services to individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis. They possess skills, knowledge and education in social work, psychology, rehabilitation, nursing, education and other related fields. A Licensed Mental Health Professional regularly supervises all staff.